Ron T Simon

Mapping Unknowns

Words cluster as ideological spheres of influence, moving to predictable conclusions. Trajectories are driven by uncertainty, as a process of justification. Uncertainty allows positions and velocities to be employed to a questionable advantage. Words perform a pendulous dance to a reduced vocabulary as a result of a preemptive subjectivity. Fictitious terrors float like specters in the media imagination, effectively change the common perception.

The global grid is abstracted into signs that express a singular message of urgency. It is the 'body' that is abstracted into the rhetoric of the security state, and like a particle it travels at known velocities to unknown locations, within a detainee rendition network. This work is not only an abstraction of uncertainty, (as uncertainty is abstract in its very nature), but is also a visualization and representation of a coordinated ideology, a glimpse into the machinations of a Cartesian grid-work, including the manifestation of coordinated efforts that coalesce, collect and change human history before we realize.